Environment & Ecosystems


Although not recognized by many people on our planet, desertification can be a significant environmental problem.

It can lead to serious adverse effects, not only for animals and plants, but also for us humans.

In this article, the causes, effects and solutions for desertification are shown.


Our ecological system currently faces enormous challenges which are mainly caused by human interventions.

In order to mitigate these ecological problems and to ensure a livable future, we have to take several measures.

In this article, the causes, effects and solutions for ecological problems are examnined.

Environmental Degradation

Environmental degradation is a big problem for humanity as well as for many animals and plants.

Through human interventions with nature, many natural habitats have been destroyed.

In this article, the types, causes, effects and solutions for environmental degradation are examined

Environmental Friendliness

Our planet currently faces many serious problems which we have to solve to ensure a livable future for the next generations.

In order to be able to mitigate these problems, we have to act in an environmentally friendly way.

Environmentally-friendly behavior can come in several ways which you can execute in different daily tasks every day.

Food Chain Disruption

The disruption of food chains can lead to serious environmental problems, not only for our animals and plants but also for humans.

Apart from man-made causes, food chain disruptions can be also caused by natural disasters.

In this article, the causes, effects & solutions for food chain disruptions are examined.

Food Web Disruption

Food web disruption, even though not regarded as a big deal by the general public, can have serious adverse effects on our planet, not only for animals and plants, but also for us humans.

In this blog post, the causes, effects and solutions regarding food web disruptions are examined.

Human-Environmental Interactions

Since our world population is growing, human-environmental interactions become more important every day.

As a human species, we have to take care that we do not stress our environmental system too much.

In this article, several kinds of human-made environmental problems as well as solutions for them are examined.

Our Ecosystems

Our ecosystems are crucial for human survival and provide the habitat for many animals and plants.

Many ecosystem are at danger of getting out of balance due to human interventions like mining.

In this article, dangers to our ecosystems as well as solutions to these dangers are presented.

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