How Big Are Wind Turbines? – Size, Height & Diameters

The size of wind turbines is usually between 110 and 420 feet (33 – 128 meters).

However, most of the common wind turbines that are currently used have diameters between 150 and 350 feet (45 – 107 meters).

In the future, it is estimated that there will be even much bigger wind turbines, since the technical limit regarding wind turbine sizes has not been reached yet and the size of wind turbines could reach up to 900 feet (274 meters).

A windmill’s size can be divided into the tower size and the blade size.

The tower size is bigger than the blade size due to static issues.

For most wind turbines, the ratio between tower and blade size is usually around 65:35.

Please note that these numbers are only true for industrial wind turbines.

There are also much smaller windmills out there.

There are even micro versions (home wind turbines) that can even be used for powering your home if you put it in your backyard.

For detailed information regarding the wind turbine size of different windmill models, please click here.

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