Raise environmental awareness!

Description of the problem

Many people are simply unaware on how their daily actions impact our global environmental system. This unawareness often leads to an environmentally-unfriendly behavior. By showing people the adverse effects of excessive consumption and other harmful daily life actions, we could change their behavior to a certain extent.

Main adverse environmental effects

  • Lack of environmental awareness
  • Pollution of all sorts
  • Excessive consumption
  • Global warming
  • Ozone depletion
  • Deforestation

Weekly Challenge

Educate people around you on how their daily behavior impacts our environmental system!

How can YOU make a positive impact?

  • You can raise the environmental awareness!
  • You can reduce overall pollution!
  • You can reduce overall consumption!
  • You slow down the climate change!
  • You can mitigate ozone depletion!
  • You can mitigate deforestation!

Bonus tip: Share and let others do good as well!

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