Avoid the consumption of meat!

Description of the problem

Our meat consumption is an enormous problem since the production of meat implies the emission of large amounts of greenhouse gases like methane and CO2. Therefore, meat consumption significantly contributes to the global warming issue.

Moreover, for the production of one calory of meat, multiple calories of plant material have to be used. Thus, meat consumption is quite inefficient when it comes to the goal of maximizing the calory supply worldwide. We could feed much more people if we were able to reduce meat consumption.

Moreover, the excessive consumption of meat can also have severe health effects.

Main adverse environmental effects

  • Global warming
  • Waste of resources
  • Waste of calories
  • Public health issues

Weekly Challenge

Avoid meat consumption and be vegetarian!

How can YOU make a positive impact?

  • You can save resources!
  • You increase your health level!
  • You slow down the climate change!

Bonus tip: Share and let others do good as well!

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