Reduce your waste production!

Description of the problem

Enormous amounts of waste are produced every year on a worldwide scale. In order to get rid of this waste, it often has to be burned or disposed into landfills. However, all methods to get rid of the waste imply significant adverse effects for our environmental system.

Main adverse environmental effects

  • Waste production
  • Resource depletion
  • Soil pollution
  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Global warming

Weekly Challenge

Reduce your amount of waste by buying unpackaged food from organic food stores or other stores that avoid excessive packaging.

How can YOU make a positive impact?

  • You save waste!
  • You save energy!
  • You save natural resources!
  • You reduce air pollution!
  • Your reduce water pollution!
  • You mitigate soil pollution!
  • You slow down the climate change!

Bonus tip: Share and let others do good as well!

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