Buy local food and other local goods!

Description of the problem

Big transportation distances are a significant environmental problem since goods have to be carried by ships, planes, trains or trucks which use fossil fuels and therefore emit harmful gases like CO2 which in turn contributes to global warming.

Main adverse environmental effects

  • Emission of harmful gases
  • Particle pollution
  • Emission of CO2 and thus contribution to global warming
  • Depletion of natural resources
  • Noise pollution

Weekly Challenge

Buy local food and other locally manufactured things!

Refrain from buying things that are manufactured in remote countries!

How can YOU make a positive impact?

  • You can contribute to better air quality!
  • You can mitigate global warming!
  • You can save natural resources!
  • You can reduce noise pollution!

Bonus tip: Share and let others do good as well!

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